Here is a quick sum-up of what you’ve been talking about recently on this blog.  Sex love dolls and videos, those are the 4 main keywords to put it in a nutshell.


Sex Doll Manufacturer Review: Real Doll

This week for the first time we reviewed a sex doll manufacturer. It’s one of our competitors, but it does not matter a we just love dolls. We always happy to share some information about cool new products with you. And in this case, we are talking about real dolls, a very famous player in our industry. But their sex dolls are really…. expensive!


All you wanted to know about Yumi sex doll but…

We also talked about Yumi sex doll. This also a very popular item on this website (it’s actually the same than Laurelin our best doll, or here). She’s small, she’s cute, she’s super realistic. I really adore this little cutty!


My favorite doll: Shannon big tits

Then we discussed Shannon big tits, another best seller. But definitely different from Laurelin. It’s a much bigger girl with bigger tits. We all have different tastes, just choose the one you like the most! But I would only use 3 words to define her: sex love doll !


8 Stunning Facts About Adult Sex Dolls

There was also this article about 8 stunning facts about adult sex dolls. People just love those articles about stunning facts! I don’t know why… It’s just a fact I guess (not a stunning one ;). But we sell really cool products on this website. And there a lots of fun facts that you’d love to learn about. Or some useful ones, for example how to take care of your new best friend. So just stay tuned. Or read this article. Or both…


Best selection of Sex dolls videos

Best selection of sex dolls videos… it’s all in the title I guess. At love and sex we have love this kind of porn. We have collected a bunch of videos and uploaded them on some of your favorites websites (xhamster, xtube, youporn, pornhub… you name it). If you too make cool sex doll videos and that you would like to share them with us to reach a broader audience. Get in touch!

And don’t spend too much time watching porn. Spend some quality time with your love doll!


Falling In Love with My BBW Sex Doll

The previous article was about falling in love with a BBW sex doll. It’s a bit niche I must reckon. But some of our clients are into this kind of stuff. BBW stands for big booty woman by the way. We have some girls that have a big ass and small tits, or the other way around. All the combinations are possible. Most of those ladies tend to be mature or MILF though. We don’t have any young and fat one. That could be a good idea for our next creation!

If you like those articles, please check out the blog of: sex love dolls dot com

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