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What are your delivery fees?

We offer free delivery to all location, the delivery cost is already factored into the doll’s price. Your doll will be dispatched the same or next day you place your order. And depending on your geographic location, it takes a maximum of two weeks to arrive. We employ the service of FedEx and DHL for delivery, you can be sure that your order will arrive on time.

How long does delivery take?

Our dolls are made to order and depend on the options you choose.

Manufacturing will start immediately after you placed an order and will take a few days to finish. Then your order will be packed discreetly and send to you via DHL or FedEx. It takes an average of two weeks for it to go from manufacturing to delivery at your doorstep

Buying on this website, is it safe?

We employ PayPal payment service for the transaction. This ensures the highest level of security and protects you as a customer. When you buy from us, you can be sure that your information will not be shared or sell to a third party.

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Do you ship to all country?

We ship to the United States, Canada and Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We do not ship to the following countries: India, most Muslim countries, and the Arab world.

Contact us for confirmation.

Can I pay in several installments?

We are working on this. For now, the simplest method is to obtain a consumer credit and
depending on the country where you live, you may also benefit from the PayPal credit offer (contact PayPal for more information: Paypal credit, formely known as Paypal bill me later)


How do I choose the right size of sex doll?

This is a tough question. If we leave the question of the budget aside, as you would expect it, small dolls are cheap and big dolls are more expensive.

Big dolls are more realistic with a life-sized body but they have the disadvantage of being cumbersome. Some clients have complained that it is difficult to manipulate them and make them adopt different positions (sexual or not). Small dolls (for example 100cm) are less realistic but much easier to handle and store.

These are the criteria that should be taken into account are:

  • Your budget
  • How realistic you want the doll to be. TPE and silicone dolls have different benefits, you can read the differences here (insert LINK)
  • To what extent you would like to manipulate the doll or make it adopt different sexual positions.
  • Your personal preference for big-sized or small-sized dolls (or girls actually).
  • Whether you have the necessary storage space
  • And lastly, it is easier to find clothes at the right size for a big doll (especially for lingerie and sexy clothes) so if dressing your doll means so much to your sexuality, you can’t go wrong with a big doll as there are a variety of sexy dress to choose from.
What’s your advice for replaceable and fixed vaginas dolls?

The “fixed” vaginas (i.e. built in the body of the doll) are more realistic, the intimate parts of the doll look and feel like a real woman.

Replaceable vaginas (similar to a Fleshlight type masturbator) are more convenient to wash but the orifice looks less realistic from a real vagina. Also at the time of manufacture, it is necessary to dig a cavity in the doll at the place where it will be placed. And there is a risk that should this cavity has defects, it could wear or tear after extensive usage.

To sum up, the purists prefer fixed vaginas but replaceable vagina has its advantages and its followers, we offer you both options.

Can I customize my doll?

You can choose from a variety of options on our website, there are hundreds of dolls with different body size, colors and look.

Want an even more customized doll? For example, a doll that looks like your wife? It is possible, send us pictures and we will make a doll according to your instructions.

You can either customize the head or the entire body.

Are the dolls articulated?

Yes, our dolls have a metallic skeleton and they are totally articulated which allows them to adopt many sexual positions (doggy style, legs spread) or everyday life (sitting, standing, lying). You can opt for feet with screw holes which gives you more options by allowing your doll to stand on a pedestal.

Do you have a showroom where you display all the dolls?

We are only selling by mail. You can see all the details of our sex dolls on photos and videos. If you have any further questions about our love dolls, please contact us for more information.

What is your cheapest doll?

At the moment, the sex doll Laureline is on promotion. This is one of our top selling dolls, check out the customer reviews to see what they are saying.

What sensation do I get from TPE sex doll?

The sensation will be very close to what you feel with a Fleshlight and other masturbatory tools. Some have described this sensation as more pleasurable than real woman’s vagina.

But having a body in your hands — a perfect body that corresponds to your fantasies will multiply the feelings you get, because you also feel the skin of the doll against yours, the caress of its hair, the smell of its perfume, etc. It’s hard to describe, you’ll find out when you buy one!

Why are your dolls expensive?

We only sell high-quality dolls made with 100 percent TPE. This quality cost a lot to produce. Let’s not forget that not so long ago, the only option available that was close to real human was silicone dolls and the cheapest you can get it at that time was 5000 dollars. The advent of TPE dolls has revolutionized the manufacturing process. Though still expensive but fair priced and better quality.

We understand your frustration, and that’s why give discounts and offer a promotion on some of our dolls. You can browse through our site to see price ranges and what best fit your budget.

Where are the dolls made?

The dolls are made in China. The Loveandsexdolls team is made up of westerners also based in China, which allows us to work directly with the factory to ensure the quality of the products and to confirm that the customer’s requests are met.


Do you offer robotic sex dolls, artificial intelligence, high-tech, or dolls controlled by Bluetooth?

We are working on the project, contact us for the latest news or suggestions. Or check out our article on how technology is changing the future of sex and sexuality.

Can I dye the pubic hair of my doll or order a doll made with the colors of my choice?

Yes, it is possible, send us a message at the time of your order.

Fun fact: many of our customers ask for red hair dolls

Do you sell male dolls?

Yes. We have male models for gay men and our female customers. These dolls are located in a separate section of our website.

Ken, male doll

Are you selling hermaphrodite dolls?

That is a woman’s body, with a male sex (penis). We are working on this, but they are not yet available. Contact us to get the latest news on this topic.