I want to dedicate this article to men who faithfully believe in love and family. Today we will talk about sex and betrayal. Many couples, sooner or later, are experiencing a crisis and this greatly affects their relationship. It does not matter whether you are married or just living together, has children or not if you have a sexual relationship – then there is responsibility.

A friend of mine recently asked for my advice. He said that his company, in which he works, sends him on a long business trip. To another country. Thanks to this business trip, he expects an official promotion, and this is very important for him. According to him, he never cheated on his wife. I was surprised, because of all my friends inclusive with me, cheated on their wives.

I cheated on my wife several times, it does not mean that I do not love her. My wife, after the birth of our daughter, began to pay less attention to me, and I sometimes have sex with my mistress. Such situations are encountered at every step! I think, my readers will not blame me for this))

So, let’s return to the problem of my friend. As it turned out, he very much loves his wife and does not want to hurt her. He says: “my conscience will not allow me to make love with another woman while my beloved sleeps quietly in our bed.” His words also touched my soul, I honestly confess … I thought: “It’s necessary to be able to love like that”

Honestly, my dear friends, my conscience woke up, and, literally, began to dance the lambada in my head! But not for long. My friend and I talked about this for a long time. We tried to understand what is right and what is not.

I remembered that very recently, I accidentally got to a site that sells dolls for sex. I know, I know – it sounds strange, you will think. How can a sexy doll solve a problem? She can not even talk!

In fact of the matter, she can not talk, which means that this is an ideal lover! What say? You just imagine, a mistress who will not be jealous of his wife (and the wife will not be jealous of her). Mistress, who will not tell anyone about your relationship, and will not be able to refuse sex. She will be available 24 hours a day. Always ready, beautiful and sexy! Her does not need to wait and buy gifts that would impress. Just imagine dear friends, you do not need to betray your beloved wife (girl) anymore. You will not masturbate anymore in front of the TV in the dark and be afraid that your wife will catch you.

If your sex with your wife has become boring, buying a sex doll can also be a solution to this problem. Diversify your sex life with your wife! The silicone sexy doll looks very real and beautiful. You will be impressed. Feeling during sex with her is really very good and pleasant. Make yourself a gift!

It turned out that on the site can even choose hair color, eye color, a color of the skin, manicure, lips, сolor and shape of vagina, сolor and shape of tits. You can have sex with her in any position. And you can put on her sexy underwear, which excites you.  Make all your fantasies come true. Sexy ass and the perfect figure will win your heart.

Buying a sex doll can solve many problems, just do not fall in love, because then the situation will become more difficult.

My friend and I ordered silicone sex dolls on the site together. Now I do not betray my wife with another woman. My wife is happy and we are all right! Our relationship has improved and we are happy. But now, my wife wants me to give her a sexy male doll. Hmm, how do you think that’s good?

My friend has been on a business trip for half a year, enjoying his silicone mistress. And he now has regular sex and conscience is clean.

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