Blow up dolls. Forget about buying rubber sex dolls

You really do not need that rejection again. How many of such painful rejections do you think your heart can take? Don’t you know that with each rejection your self-esteem suffers? Why bother with all the hassle when a sex doll can even give you that which a human partner can’t: faithfulness. I’m not talking about the regular sex dolls. Forget those fake looking blow up dolls. I’m talking about beautiful and sexy real-life silicon sex dolls.

Even if you have a girlfriend, you may still need a silicone sex doll selected down to specification. Well, the reason is that you guys might want a threesome, but with venereal diseases roaming around our streets, do you really want to take that risk? Of course, I’m sure you don’t, but this doesn’t mean you can’t live your sexual fantasy safely. This is where a silicone sex doll comes in handy.

Why Buy a Silicon Sex Doll?

Don’t go buying a regular blow up sex dolls made of cheap rubber that doesn’t look real. What you need to buy is a human-like silicon sex doll. Silicon is a material that is so durable and versatile that it is used in surgical implants. With a silicone doll, you get a supple human-like feel in texture and look. Blow up dolls can’t give you this kind of quality.

Silicon sex dolls are also quite hygienic since silicon is a material that is heat resistant. They also do not react with almost any chemical. Based on these, you can clean, wash or sterilize your sex doll after use and it will still retain its original quality.

Why you shouldn’t buy a Regular Rubber Sex Doll

Unlike silicon sex dolls, blow up dolls are actually inflatable balloons and do not look real. They look like dummies, therefore, losing out on that aesthetic illusion of looking like a real human.

Regular rubber sex dolls are also pruned to bursting. A rubber sex doll might burst on you during use if you exert too much pressure. But with silicon dolls, you do not have any worries of such an incident ever happening.

Regular plastic dolls also look cheap and lack the aesthetic beauty of silicon dolls. With rubber dolls, you can never feel that you are with a real human. They do not possess the qualities needed to create such profound illusion.

Always Buy the Best

Sex dolls are meant to be alternative companions. They are meant to fill a void where there is no human to fulfill that need. Blow up dolls are lacking in all ramification to genuinely serve as a replacement alternative. Their cheap looks even serve as a turn-off.

Silicon dolls, on the other hand, are so real like that you can easily get turned on merely by looking at them. If you must replace that girlfriend or boyfriend that broke your heart, then go for a sex doll that can be more beautiful or handsome than your ex.

Silicon sex dolls come in different colors and gender. You have the choice of choosing your preference in complexion, hair color, eye closed, and contour. You could go for a busty doll or one that has a great ass. You could also go for a super model looking sex doll. If the male variety is your preference, you could go for any form you desire.

The sex organs of silicone sex dolls feel so realistic that you won’t be able to differentiate it from the real thing because it feels like the real thing. Silicon pleasure dolls can be lubricated to taste. With Silicon sex dolls, you get the real deal without the stress.

So save you all that stress by going for a love partner that never age. One that would never be unfaithful.

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