The appearance of a sex doll and her mission

Do you think sex dolls are a new concept? Nope. it’s not. Lovers of sex dolls have been around since Seventeenth century.  Say What?  Seventeenth century!. Yes. Dutch sailors invented it as in masturbatory dolls for their long voyages at sea. Made of sewn cloth or old clothes these dolls were called dame de voyage in French. The Dutch even sold some of them to the Japanese. Since then lovers of sex dolls in Japan call it “Dutch Wives” and guess what?  Today  Japan is the main market for sex dolls with the highest number of buyers. It was also reported that Nazi Germ any made sex dolls available for soldiers during World War II. Interesting right?  I think that’s  the reason why  Nazi Germ any was defeated. By the way who will go to war when you have a sex partner. Anyway. that’s a history. Commercially. sex dolls have been available since 1908. but for a sex doll to substitute for human sexual partners. Was only possible in the late twentieth century.  The technological advancement along with the invention of silicone and latex has allowed a higher degree of realism and satisfaction.



Why  Buy  Sex Dolls?

Akhito Fuji is a middle aged banker in Japan. He has a wife and a teenage son. His relationship became complicated soon. They stopped having sex. Akhito felt loneliness deep inside him. One day while browsing the internet he saw an advertisement for a sex doll. It was love at first sight. He instantly bought one. Initially. he used it only for sex but today it has become a perfect partner for his life. ‘With dolls. I can be myself. I don’t have to pretend. No complaints. no headache like real women.” . says Akhito. an adherent lover of sex dolls. There are more people like Akhito who not only buy sex doll to fight loneliness but also for a better satisfaction of sexual desires. Lovers of sex dolls claim that it gives a higher level of sexual satisfaction than masturbation. If human relationships turn you off. you are in need of a sex doll. They come life size and look incredibly real.



What to do with Sex Doll?

Everything.  as you like it.  Whenever you want it. Along with sleeping with a sex doll. you can even take the doll to a walk. take a shower with it or brush it’s hair. You can dress them in the way you prefer. Newer sex dolls come with moveable joints so that you can place them in the position you want. With full customization. you can pick from color of hair and eyes to the size of the bust. According to your requirements. Lovers of sex dolls even buy clothing and jewellery for their silicone ‘girlfriends’. Most people feel they can actually communicate at an emotional level with a doll.


Where to buy a Sex Doll?

Either to seal a romantic void or meet your sexual desire, you need a sex doll. Before you are distracted on

the web, all lovers of sex dolls are welcome on

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